Blogger thanks and hunt gifts

Big thank you to Mae for blogging and putting on Flickr our hunt item for the Totally Wrong Hunt!

This is the vendor image:

Hunt: Totally Wrong Hunt
Dates: 9th-30th September
Hint No.01 : This is so wrong. Like NAILS on a chalkboard
Hint No.02 : Totally wrong, I want to be FREE from this
Hint No.03 : Everything is wrong, but maybe you get LUCKY?Hint No.01 : This is so wrong. Like NAILS on a chalkboard

This is a special hunt with three hints, out of which just one is correct and the rest are wrong, like the theme says.

I may at times be slow to blog hunt gifts. You can always check the latest ones on the prize wall. Click each image to see on local, which hunt it is for.

Other currently ongoing hunts include the already blogged Around The Grid Hunt, and Femboy Hunt.

And these:

Hunt: Pumpkin Patch Full Perm Hunt
Time: 7th-20th September
Hint: "A bright thing caught my EYE, it was a pumpkin half" (Mount Eerie: Pumpkin)

TOS applies! Do not give away or sell textures as is.

Hunt: The Renaissance Hunt
Time: 1st-30th September
Hint: "We bring it to you - with much ado - welcome to the Renaissance - where everything is NEW" (Something Rotten: Welcome to the Renaissance)

The Court Seat Rug works for regular avatars, tinies and dinkies!

Hunt: Paint my nails hunt 2
Time: 1st-30th September
Hint: "Suddenly before my eyes - hues of indigo arise - with them how my spirit sighs - paint the sky with stars." (Sade: Paint the sky with stars)

Slink Nail Appliers have six original designs for fingers and toes.

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