Back to the School Hat Hunt!

I had fun creating for the Back to the School Hat Hunt! Thank you so much for hunters, organizers and bloggers. Make sure to check out the fun videos of the hats, here.


Woootstock ish here! Free gift by Cake Fox!

Here ish this years Wootstock gift by Cake Fox. Original textures were used in creating it. Get it at the festival store. Event starts at 3pm today Friday 29th of July, and runs through the weekend.

PS. If you take pictures wearing the shirts or somewhere with the poster, I would love for you to add it to the Cake Fox group on Flickr! Or give me a link and I link back to you.


New Cake Fox release Wardrobes

Here is a new Cake Fox release of wardrobes with four different wood options to pick from. Get them at the new Mainstore in Tinyopolis Mieville or any of our other shops in the "new" or "furniture" vendors.

The "pale white" option is for sale like the others but those in the Cake Fox group can get it for free in notices, until the group closes. Unfortunately the store is now under a different group, so we can no longer have group discounts. But there are so many benefits to being in Tinyopolis, like their upcoming art festival, and I will certainly have plenty of free gifts coming in the future, available for all.


Around the Grid prize

If you visit the new Cake Fox Mainstore at Mieville Tinyopolis, you will see a lantern by the doorway. That is the hunt prize for Around The Grid 4 hunt. Here is the vendor image for details.

The hunt lasts from 13th of July to 30th of September, 2016. You can either look for the item and pay 1L$ or buy right away by the sign for 25L$.


Cake Fox Mainstore has moved

Cake Fox Mainstore has moved! We are back at Tinyopolis Mieville and I get to chat with my most eager customer, the fox by the door, again.


Seasonal fashion vendor for dinkies

I have put some summer and beach fashion for dinkies in a special seasonal vendor now. Make sure to check what you already have, though as these are also in the normal fashion vendors.

Cake Fox Mainstore has the outfits in separate vendors.

Isle of Wyrms Marketplace

Raglan Shire Ool 

Cake Fox Raglan Shire store