Hunt fun

Dates: June 1 - June 30
14.June - 30.June
Hint: "But a woman's woes are at an end - And she's all prepared to make a FRIEND - If she's wearing silk and satin" (Colin Porter: Satin and Silk)

Hunt: Keep Calm and Barbeque Hunt 
Dates: June 8th-21st
Hint: "Welcome to your barbeque - Pig out and dream a NEW" (Alo: Barbeque)

Hunt: Advanced or Casual Hunt
Dates: 14.June - 30.June
14.June - 30.June
Advanced: "You get the bill in the morning marked paid in advance, paid in full by a FRIEND". (Hoyt Axton: Paid in Advance)

Casual: "Casual vibes, that's my weakness - Got me all shy and speechless - So girl I gotta find - Whats your weakness? - Go on gimme them EYES" (The Lonely Biscuits: Casual vibes)



14.June - 30.June
Current hunts that were blogged before.
Music Hunt 1st - 30th June
Cyber-Steam Brawl 1st - 30th June

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