Current Hunts, and ones starting soon

Hunts Cake Fox is currently part of.

Hunt: Eggshell Hunt
Time: 1st-19th April, 2015
Hint: "I'm tired of the eggshells we've been walking on - We've been here for far too long - Remember standing on the PIER - Even the ocean couldn't come between us". (Hawk Nelson: Eggshells)

Hunt: White Rabbit Hunt
Time: 1st-30th April, 2015
Hint: "Jennifer slept in her little bed, - With dreams of a rabbit in her little head." (Tom Paxton: "Jennifer's Rabbit")

Hunt: Kawaii Fullperm Hunt
Time: 13th April - 3rd May, 2015
Hint: "Kawaii… - Arrive safe. - Arrival, new arrival" (Devin Townsend Project : Kawaii)

Hunt: Camping Trip Hunt
Time: 15th April -15th May, 2015
Hint: "Where the animals are our friends - Once you get hooked on camping, you'll never like the City again" (Ray Stevens: The Camping Trip)

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